Zenith Bank USSD Transfer Code, Mobile Banking & SMS Recharge

Zenith bank has simplified banking operations for its customers with the launch of its dedicated USSD code: *966#, the code is popularly called Zenith Bank Transfer Code because a lot of people use it to transfer funds, but the code is also useful for so many other transactions that many people may not know despite the huge publicity by the bank.

For example the zenith bank transaction code can be used to pay your regular DSTV subscription, GOTV subscription, Electric bill etc., the code can be used to open a new Zenith bank account by simply dialing *966*0# and following the prompt after which an account number will be generated for you, though you may still have to visit one of their branches before the account can do more things; you can use the code to recharge your phone and those of your family and friends, the code can also be used for other things.

Gurusland presents you the instructions bellow to enable you learn how to use the *919# code for different purposes.

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How to open a new account with Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Gone is the era of going to the a bank branch to open a new account, Zenith bank like some other banks in Nigeria now allows you to open an account using just your phone; all one needs to do is dial *966*0# and follow the prompt after which a ten digit account number will e sent to the person as SMS, a new account has just been created. Don’t forget, dial *966*0#

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How to check account balance with zenith bank transfer code

You no longer have to visit the ATM or a bank branch to check your account balance; simply follow this instruction from zenith bank by using the zenith bank transfer code, dial *996*00# on the phone number you registered with your zenith bank account, that is the phone you use in receiving transaction alert from your account. Remember: *966*00#

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How to buy airtime with zenith bank transfer code

You should never be out of airtime now if you have an account with zenith bank, the reason is zenith bank has made the process easy, the only reason you may not be able to recharge your phone or the phone of your family and friends is if you don’t have fund in your account, but if you have money in your bank account simple do the following: dial *966*amount# on your phone to recharge yourself, make sure you dial this code from the phone number you registered with your zenith bank account number, not any other phone. Example: *966*200#

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If you want to recharge another person directly from your zenith bank account, simply dial *966*amount*account number# from your phone to recharge the number, remember the number you are to put in the code is not your own phone number, it’s the number you want to recharge. Example: *966*200*08012341234#

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How to transfer money with zenith bank transfer code

Why should anyone waste their energy, time and resources to visit a bank because they want to transfer fund to another bank? This should not be especially if you have an account with zenith bank, use the zenith bank transfer code which is *966*amount*accountnumber# to transfer money from one zenith bank  account to another zenith bank account and from a zenith bank account to accounts with other banks in Nigeria. Remember: *966*amount*account number#, example: *966*3000*1234512345#

The zenith bank USSD Code is capable of doing so many things and it does not require internet connection.

The Zenith Bank USSD code can use on any phone as long as it’s a GSM phone, either the phone is feature phone or android.

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