FCMB SMS Transfer, Mobile Banking & Recharge Code

FCMB USSD Code is *329#, most people call this code FCMB Transfer Code and that is because they mainly use it to transfer funds; some also call it FCMB Recharge codeFCMB short codewhile others simply call it FCMB Code. The *329# is the USSD code for First City Monument Bank and you should be using the code if you have an account with the bank, it enables you to buy airtime for yourself and your loved ones, you can also transfer money to another FCMB account or to other banks in Nigeria using the code right on your mobile phone without visiting any ATM machine or branch of the bank. Gurusland presents you the instructions bellow to enable you learn how to use the *329# code for different purposes, including how to change your PIN

How To Buy Airtime With FCMB Recharge Code

If you have an FCMB account, then, you never be out of airtime except if you don’t have money in your  account, the simple reason is with FCMB Recharge code you can easily recharge yourself when you run out of credit, to recharge your phone with FCMB Recharge Code dial: *329*amount#, example *328*200#, this code should be dialed on the number you registered with your account. If you want to recharge another phone with Code simply dial *329*amount*phone number# to the phone of your family and friends or any other person. Example *329*200*08012341234#

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How To Transfer Money With FCMB Transfer Code

This is the most requested usage of the FCMB code, if your want to transfer money from your account number, use your phone and the FCMB Transfer Code, don’t go the bank or ATM again, dial this code to do the transfer *329*amount*account number*, remember that the account number you will put is not your own account number but the account number where you want the money to go. After dialing the code the bank will show you the amount you want to transfer, the name of the person you want to transfer to and the bank of the person, simply enter your FCMB PIN to complete the transaction; don’t forget: *329*amount*accountnumer#

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How To Check Your Account Balance With FCMB Code

To check your account balance is now simpler than ever by simply dialing this code, with the code you can check your account balance right on your phone without going to any branch of the bank or even ATM machine, the FCMB code is designed to carry out so many function and checking balance is just one of them, dial *329*00# to get your account balance, make sure you dial the code on the phone you registered with your account number, the bank charges N10/transaction

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How to Change PIN of FCMB USSD Code

If you have any reason to believe the PIN of your FCMB Transfer Code is compromised or you believe the PIN is no longer save then dial this code to change the PIN so you don’t lose your money to fraudsters. You should change your PIN always and any time you have a reason to believe someone already knows your PIN. Dial *329*0# to change your PIN

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Why you should use FCMB USSD Code

This is what FCMB has to say: “Carrying out banking transactions shouldn’t be a hassle or dependent on time and location . What could be better than a fast , convenient and secure way to achieve this? Dial *329#, register using any phone type and carry out your transactions on the go – even when you do not have data!”

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