The Simple Step by Step Procedures to get South Africa Student VISA [Details]

The Simple Step by Step Procedures to get South Africa Student VISA [Details]

We want to go into details on how to secure a South Africa Student VISA. Therea are points that are made on this post that you can’t see in any other post. This is why you have to read this post to the end.

Nicknamed the ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa in recognition of its unique multicultural character. South Africa has a strong selection of leading universities with a good international outlook.

Furthermore, the country has a remarkable natural scenery and wildlife, with dynamic and dynamic cities and towns.

With the South Africa student visa, a student can engage in part time jobs for not more than twenty hours a week during school time and they can engage in full time jobs during the holidays.

The student must ensure that the jobs does not affect their studies. The student will have to apply for permission from the Department of Home Affairs for work permit.

The application includes an offer of practical training, consent from the student’s school in South Africa and proof that the student is still enrolled in a South African university.



The type of visa required for South Africa Student Visa is the B1-1738 visa. It is the temporal residency permit.



Before you can be registered at any South African university, you need to provide your student visa. It is important to ensure that the institution is a registered educational institution or the visa would be declined. Being offered a provisional admission does not always guarantee admission.

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You would need a student visa before you can apply for a South African residency permit. You cannot come into South Africa with another visa and then apply for a South African Student Visa while in the country.

This visa, however, does not pass as a permanent residency permit regardless of how long you have stayed in South Africa with it.

You must have to change the visa to another one that allows for South African residency such as work or business. This can be done in South Africa.

Before you can apply for a South Africa Student Visa, you must have been accepted at a registered institution of higher learning in South Africa.

The application is done by filling a signed B1-1738 form and submitted in person at the South African embassy, consulate or high commission in your country.


If you are an international student who just got accepted at a South African University, here are the documents required for the application of the South Africa Student Visa:

  • International passport with validity of not less than one month after the end of your studies in South Africa.
  • Filled and signed B1-1738 form
  • Passport photographs (two coloured photos)
  • Proof of payment of the South African Student Visa application
  • Proof of offer of provisional admission to a South African university (this document should contain duration of course and a sworn undertaking to provide notice of registration/de-registration and completion of course/extension within the allotted period).
  • Proof of financial stability for duration of stay for living expenses of about ZAR 3,000 per month and tuition fees.
  • Cash deposit for cost of return ticket.
  • Medical insurance and a letter of confirmation for annual renewal of the insurance. Inoculations against hepatitis A and typhoid are recommended before travel. Also, depending on what country you are applying from, you may be required to produce a yellow fever vaccination.
  • Radiological and medical reports from the previous six months before application.
  • Proof of arrangement for accommodation upon arrival.
  • Police clearance certificate for every country you have lived in for more than twelve months since you turned eighteen years of age. (This criterion is for applicants over eighteen years of age.)
  • In case of applicant having children traveling with or joining them in South Africa, the applicant needs to provide proof of guardianship or custody or consent form from the legal guardian.
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Applicants under the age of eighteen should provide:

  • A birth certificate or legal adoption and proof of parents’ identity.
  • A consent from both parents or one of them in case of divorce or separation, or from a guardian in the case applicant not living with parents. This consent must be in written form.
  • Proof of the address and contact of an acting guardian in South Africa and a letter bearing the confirmation of this.

With a complete set of the required documents, you are proceeded to head on to the South African embassy, consulate or high commission in your country to submit the application in person.



The cost of South African Student Visa for Nigerian applicant is ₦ 7 071. This includes VAT fee.

Applicant from Abuja and Lagos: The value of service fee in Nigeria for South African Student Visa for applicant from Abuja and Lagos is ₦ 25 200 with VAT inclusive.


The fees are to be paid at Bank Implant inside VFS centre. Payment is in cash and ensure to go with the photocopy of the first page of your passport to make payment.

Applicant from Port Harcourt: The value of service fee in Nigeria for South African Student Visa for applicant from Port Harcourt is ₦ 45 200 with VAT inclusive.

The fees are to be paid at Sterling Bank Branch located at Woji road, GRA, Port Harcourt. Payment is in cash and ensure to go with the photocopy of the first page of your passport to make payment.

The fees are non refundable and non transferable and there is no exemption for the VFS service fee.

The listed cost above is per applicant and is based on the current exchange rate. This value is subject to change without notice with change in exchange rates.


The time it takes for a South African student visa type B1-1738 to be processed from time of application is approximately six weeks

It is advised to plan accordingly when applying for the South African student visa with respect to the timetable of the school to which you have been accepted. It is advisable to start the application about three months before the start of the academic calendar.

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