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Badoo is a top online dating website where you can meet thousand of singles for relationship, hook up and friendship. This is one of the best site to find your perfect match.

Most of the Badoo online dating users are based in South America and Europe with more than 2 million users. However, has an estimated 400,000 sign ups on daily basis.

Apparently, everyday you have 400,000 people being added to the Badoo community.

Badoo login and sign up process is easy and doesn’t require any specific skills that is why it is accessible for lot of users. You too can enjoy this wonderful opportunity and become a badoo user by following the badoo sign up and badoo login procedures below.

Benefits of Badoo Login

Badoo login will give you the following; Free access to a community of singles where you have greater chances of meeting someone you can build a life with.

People Nearby: Introduces you to a lot of new and interesting persons within and outside your community. Badoo login gives you access to chat, upload your photos and videos, and share beautiful memories with other users on the platform.

Instant messaging/chat: Effective and instant communication is an important thing in every aspect of social activity. It lets you express yourself freely, converse with people and get to know everyone you meet so well.

Badoo login will give you access to this important feature of badoo online dating platform. With it, you can chat with people you meet on the platform easily.

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This chatting lets you access and know someone better, and if you found them worthy, then you can decide on going into a relationship with them.

Video Chat: Badoo login lets you connect real-time with other users around the world through video chats and more.

Badoo Login Requirements | Tips for Badoo Registration & Login

Below are the requirements to login badoo account and create badoo account free via badoo mobile or badoo app

A mobile phone or PC that can access the internet.

Facebook account: Badoo registration allows you to join via your Facebook account.

You click Sign in Via Facebook to login to your Facebook account, verify that you are the owner and then you are up and running in no time.

You can also join via badoo registration form or your Google Account. Google Account: You can login and join badoo with your Google Account.

You will click continue with Google, verify your Google Account and be given access to your badoo account.

Badoo mobile app: This makes badoo login easy for you. With this app installed on your mobile device, you can access badoo platform anytime, anywhere in so far as you have your mobile phone with you.

Though you can get started on badoo through badoo web. But accessing badoo dating platform through its mobile app will give you a superb experience on the platform.

So if you don’t have the app installed on your phone yet, click on badoo mobile app to learn more and download the app.

Badoo Sign up Procedures Badoo sign up is easy and free.

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If you have not already signed up for a badoo account, the below quick guideline will help you create your baddo account.

Visit badoo website @ using your mobile phone or PC browser.

At the badoo homepage, you will be prompted to sign in via Facebook or Google or Badoo or via Badoo Sign up form.

At the top right side of the page you will also see badoo sign in or badoo login links Click on “Sign in Via Facebook” to login to your Facebook account, or “Sign in Via Google” to login you Google Account an verify it and setup your badoo account.

Alternatively, you can sign up for badoo by answering certain questions relating to your interest on the platform, and then filling out the registration form with your information.

Information that maybe required includes;

  • Your first and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Your location.
  • Your email address.
  • If you don’t have an email address yet, you can click on either of the following links; Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook Mail to learn more and create the email address of your choice.
  • Once you are done, click on “Create account”.

Badoo Login – Sign In to your Badoo account

After Badoo Sign up, you can login badoo account via the website or via badoo app.

The badoo app is faster and helps prevent badoo login problem.

Below are the steps to login badoo account Visit or launch the mobile app if you have the mobile app installed on your device.

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At badoo home page, click on sign in via Facebook to enter you Facebook details and login to your badoo account. Or you can click on badoo login/ badoo sign in link located at the top right side of the page.

Then enter your email address and password to login to your account. Download Badoo on Android, iPad, iPhone & Others.

If you ain’t satisfied with Badoo on your computer, you may probably wish to us Badoo on your mobile phone at the badoo mobile site To enjoy Badoo app after instead of accessing badoo mobile site @ you can download Badoo app for your Android or iOS devices.

Supported Devices for Badoo Downloads: offers native apps for Android and iOS based devices.

You can download Badoo on all Android phones running Android 2.1 and above.

iPhones and iPads running iOS 5 and newer can install the iOS native app.

To access Badoo on other mobile phones, just point your mobile browser to .

How do I Download Badoo app?

Badoo for Android and iOS are available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

Here are download links we grabbed from the Badoo website: Download Badoo for Android Download Badoo for iPhone & iPad


This is the best badoo sign in login procedures to register and login as a badoo user. You having any issues with badoo sign and badoo login, feel free to drop your complaint via the comments below

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