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Courage to Grow Scholarship is Available to Apply Today. The Courage to Grow Scholarship was designed to help future college students to realize their educational dreams and aspirations. The program considers that obtaining a college diploma takes much courage and determination. They realize that many students give up because of fiscal constraints and other elements that make forgoing a school education much more appealing. Take your time and go through the let grow scholarship article and savor all. The World Scholarship Forum has arranged all you need to win the couragetogrow scholarship.

Furthermore, they recognize that concern about financing takes away the student’s focus from their studies. The program expects to ease these limitations by giving small scholarships every month by OCD Foundation. OCD scholarships are usually very competitive. Don’t just read and pass, make an effort by applying for these scholarships for OCD.

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About Courage to Grow Scholarship

Acquire the “Courage to Grow Scholarship” and reach your higher education goals. The OCD scholarships are available to U.S. citizens. The Scholarship was created to help students for realizing their school dreams. Today’s market is hard enough on a household, the scholarship will help to ease some of the financial burdens so that a college education could be simple for people couragetogrow.

In order to apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship, applicants must go to this website. Students fill out a very brief application form that asks them to enter their first and last name, their birth, a contact number, an e-mail address, and a brief essay.

The article requires students to respond to your prompt asking why they need to receive the scholarship on scholarship. At the final step, students must agree to the app’s privacy policy that may be read here. All applicants who would like to apply must submit a completed application prior to the October 31st deadline. Each month, a new scholarship worth $500 is available.

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Any high school junior or senior is eligible to apply for this award. Additionally, current school students are also considered for the scholarship created to grow. The award has rather few additional eligibility standards.

In general, finalists for this scholarship are chosen twelve times a year. About one week after each application deadline, a finalist is chosen.

The scholarship money will not be dispersed to the applicant’s institution until evidence of grade point average and proof of current registration in college are obtained.

The scholarship will not exceed $500 and each winner will also receive an award certificate.

Students who want to apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship should be sure to check out the website. Under the”Award Recipients” tab, students may read programs which have been chosen as winning entries.

Many of these programs touch on challenges or obstacles that the winner has conquered, information regarding his or her background, and also their desire to attend college. Students may read the winning essays from visiting this site.

Students who have left questions about the scholarship can email in order to ask their questions.

This is only one of the more elastic scholarships since it’s available to students at the undergraduate and graduate degree and for students in a variety of institutions.

Students need to work hard to reveal both academic achievement and financial need during their essay.

Given the number of applications received, pupils are invited to devote some time in their essay.

While the award might not seem to be an extremely large amount, there are probably fewer people applying for scholarships that are smaller, any pupil who is eligible is invited to apply for this award.

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Several smaller scholarships may negate the requirement to get a big, more aggressive scholarship on scholarship.

Level/Field of Study:

The couragetogrow scholarship is opened for College Students in the USA pursuing their college diploma programme.


Host Nationality:

The courage to grow Scholarship is hosted in the USA and available in all the accredited colleges across the USA.

There are other US Scholarships available for International students in 2019. You can utilize these scholarship opportunities to solve most of your academics problems. Check out other scholarships you can apply for in 2019 to study in EuropeAfricaAsiaAmerica, etc.

Eligible Nationality:

The Scholarship for college is designed for only Students in the USA pursuing their college degree. Are you a Black American, Latino, Hispanic, Filipino Student, this opportunity is for you.


Aside from OCD scholarships, there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Scholarship Worth:

As one of the valuable Scholarships in the USA, Per month $500.00 scholarship will be awarded to the Courage to Grow Scholarship winner.


  • Must be junior or senior in high school or college student.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • U.S. citizens are eligible.

How to Apply for the “Courage to Grow Scholarship”

  • For applying for the scholarship, the candidates must fill the application form. The link is:
  • The candidates are required to give the answer in 250 words or less why you believe that you should be awarded this scholarship

Application Deadline:

Link to more info:

Courage to Grow Scholarships Recipients

There has been a lot of testimonies emanating from the Scholarship. some of the Stories will be shared on this platform to motivate you to get to do something extraordinary. Just 250 words of the very heart-felt essay will fetch you a cool $500.

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I work with my hands, and create masterpieces out of cardboard and wood and spray paint. When I notice something others perceive as broken, replaceable, I see something that can be made into something new, beautiful, with purpose and life, not to be thrown into the massive overflowing wastes of buried garbage, but reused. 

J. McKeehan
September 2018

“Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” is the opening line of a poem that my mother recited to me growing up. It speaks to the struggles I experienced growing up as a child of a single mother without my father’s involvement- physically, emotionally, or financially. She encouraged me to not let that hinder me from becoming a successful black male. Despite his absence, I am not, was, and will never be a statistic. I believe in myself. I have worked extra hard to maintain a high academic standard so that I can enroll in my college of choice. I have the “courage to grow” because I see where kids like me end up without an education. 

August 2018

Every horse I have met has taught me a new lesson, i.e., Calvin taught me that being different is okay, even if others want to reject you for it; Buddy, that if you focus too much on the past or the future, you will overlook the present (and end up running into a fence!); Rhett, that everyone has differing opinions, but it is how you approach an idea that matters, not the idea itself. 

June 2018

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