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The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is a scholarship scheme offered by the Massachusetts Education System.

It is offered in honor and commemoration of the late first lady of the United States of America, Lady Abigail Adams, who was the wife and closest advisor of President John Adams.

Abigail Adams served as an unofficial adviser to her husband, the president. And severally their letters show him seeking her counsel on many issues, including his presidential aspirations.

Lady Adams remained a supportive spouse and confidante after her husband became the president in 1797. She also had her son John Quincy become the president years after her husband died.

Generally, She is sometimes considered to have been a Founder of the United States.

This scholarship program, the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is a merit-based program provided to undergraduate students to help them go through their study without many hurdles through the program.

Basically, It provides credit toward tuition for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university.

The purpose of the award is primarily to:

  • Reward and inspire student achievement;
  • Help attract more high-performing students to Massachusetts public higher education, and ultimately
  • Provide families of college-bound students with financial assistance.
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Level/Field of Study:

The Abigail Adams scholarship award is usually an undergraduate level scholarship open to bachelor’s degree students. Particularly, no field of study is specified for the Abigail Adams Scholarship.

Host Nationality:

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is usually taken and hosted in the Commonwealth of  Massachusetts; the most populous state in the northeastern United States.

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Eligible Nationality:

If a student must apply for the Abigail Adams scholarship award, he or she must be a United States Citizenor a non-citizen who has been authorized by the federal government to live and work in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis.

Student’s Eligibility:

The student who wishes to apply for Abigail Adams scholarship program  must meet the following requirements:

The student must:

  • Score in the Advanced category on one of three high school state assessment tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, or STE (Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics or Technology/Engineering)
  • Score in the Proficient or Advanced category on the remaining two high school state assessment tests
  • Have a combined MCAS score on these assessments that ranks in the top 25% in their school district.
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Furthermore, all students must also meet the following requirements:

The student must:

  • Be enrolled full time (at least 12 credits or its equivalent) in a certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree program at an eligible institution.
  • Not have received a prior bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Must be in compliance with applicable law regarding Selective Service Registration.
  • Must not be in default with applicable law regarding any federal or state student education loans for attendance at any institution or owe a refund for any previous financial aid received.

Scholarship Worths:

Winners of the John and Abigail Adams scholarship program are eligible for an award of a merit-based credit toward tuition.

Each individual winner of the John and Abigail Adams scholarship gets an award at the University of Massachusetts which shall be valued at $1,714 at Amherst, $1,714 at Boston, $1,417 at Dartmouth, and $1,454 at Lowell.

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Please Note: The John and Abigail Adams scholarship program covers tuition only; other fees like boarding and books are not included.

How to Apply

There is actually no application process for the Abigail Adams Scholarship program. Students that are eligible for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship funding will be notified in the fall of their senior year in high school via award letters.

This letter is very important because students must provide a copy of it along with their completed FAFSA application each year. Without this letter, the college/university will not apply for the tuition credit.

To continue receiving the Scholarship offer, a student must:

  • be enrolled full-time at a public higher education institution;
  • maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on all college work; and
  • annually complete the FAFSA.

Application Link

There is no application for this scholarship but you can find a number of schools that accept John and Abigail Adams Scholarship funding program here

Application Deadline:

No application deadline is specified for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship funding program and could probably be ongoing throughout the year.

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