List of Top 50 Nursing Scholarships For Student & Graduates

Funding your education is never easy. If you can qualify for a scholarship, however, you might be able to ease the financial burden of your higher education.

Pre-licensure nursing students can find a wide variety of scholarships to help cover the cost of earning an ADN or BSN to qualify for initial licensure.


If you already hold an RN license, you’ll find scholarships specifically designed to help you advance by earning a post-licensure BSN or MSN. There are even scholarships and grants for research and postgraduate degree training.

Source Qualifications Amount Visit
A Nurse I Am Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 2k Visit
A.T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship American Indian/Alaskan Native 1,000-2,000 Visit
AfterCollege and AACN Scholarship Fund Graduate Degree 10k Visit
Agnes Naughton RN-BSN Fund RN Continuing Eduacation N/A Visit
Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Fund Undergraduate, Graduate 500-2k Visit
American Assebly for Men in Nursing Scholarship Undergraduate 500 Visit
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Professional Development Scholarships Graduate, Professional 1500-2000 Visit
American Holistic Nurses Association Research Grants Doctoral 500-1500 Visit
American School Health Association School Nursing Scholarship Junior, Senior, Graduate 1k Visit
American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses Liscensed RN 285-2500 Visit
Annette McClanahan Harrison Endowed Nursing Scholarship Undergraduate Varies Visit
Annie Lou Overton Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 500-1000 Visit
ARC of Washington Trust Fund Research Awards Research Up to 30k Visit
Arizona Nurses Foundation Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 500 – 1000 Visit
Association of periOperative Registered Nurses Foundation Baccalaureate Degree Scholarship Undergraduate, graduate Varies Visit
Barbara Forfar Nursing Scholarship RN and Higher Varies Visit
Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship Undergraduate 1000 Visit
Bates Nursing Scholarship Fund Graduate Varies Visit
Bethesda Lutheran Communities Scholarship for College Students Undergraduate 3k Visit
Bill and Mary Russell Health Care Scholarship Undergraduate Varies Visit
CampusRN Scholarship Fund Undergradute, Graduate 2500 Visit
Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship Undergraduate 1000 Visit
Catching The Dream MESBEC Program Undergraduate 500 – 5000 Visit
Charlotte McGuire Scholarships Undergradute, Graduate Varies Visit Thriving Care Givers Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate up to 1500 Visit
Colonial Dames Indian Nurse Scholarship Of Indian or Eskimo Descent 500 – 1500 Visit
Doctoral Degree Scholarships in Cancer Nursing Doctoral 15k Visit
Dorothy Budnek Scholarship Advanced Degree 600 Visit
Edwina Foye Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Graduate 5000 Visit
ENA Foundation Scholarships Undergraduate, Graduate/masters and post-graduate/doctoral 2k – 10k Visit
Estelle Massey Osborne Scholarship Graduate Varies Visit College Scholarships Undergraduate with disability 250 Visit
FNSNA Annual Scholarship Program Undergraduate, Graduate 1000 – 5000 Visit
Frances Helen Ziegler Tunnell Graduate Honor Scholarship Graduate Varies Visit
Genesis Health Services Foundation Undergraduate 10k Visit
George B. Boland Nurses Training Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 1250 Visit
Graduate and Professional Scholarship Program – Maryland Graduate, Professional Varies Visit
Greta James Nursing Scholarship Undergradute, Graduate 2500 Visit
Henry Dunant Scholarship for Male Nursing Students Undergraduate 250 Visit
Hurst Reviews/AACN Nursing Scholarship Visit
Janel Parker Mobility Scholarship Employed in Nephrology 2500 Visit
Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 2500 – 3500 Visit
Lambda Pi Alpha Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 1500 Visit
Loyola University Nurse Leader Scholarship Graduate 4,500 anual Visit
Masters and Post-Master Nurse Practitioner Certificate Scholarships Graduate, Post Graduate3 k Visit
McNeil Rural Scholarship Graduate, Post Graduate up to 40k Visit
Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship Undergraduate 500-3500 Visit
NAHN Nursing Scholarships Undergraduate, Graduate 2k Visit
National American Arab Nurses Association Associates, Bachelors, Masters 1k Visit
Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program Undergraduate Varies Visit
NBNA Scholarship Program Undergraduate, Graduate 1000 – 5000 Visit
New Careers in Nursing Grant Accelerated Nursing Program 50k-300K Visit
NHSC Scholarships Graduate Varies Visit
Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania Undergraduate, graduate Varies Visit
NURSE Corps Scholarship Program Undergraduate, Graduate, Associates 1,289 per month Visit
Nurse Research Grants Nurse Researcher 10k – 50k Visit
Nurse Scholars Program Undergraduate, Graduate 3k – 5k Visit
Nurses Educational Funds Graduate 4k – 10k Visit
Nurses’ Float Scholarship Fund Graduate 5k Visit
Nursing Economic$ Foundation Scholarships Graduate 5k Visit
StraightForwardMedia Nursing School Scholarship Graduate 500 Visit
The Mid-Atlantic Cardiovascular Foundation Undergradute, Graduate 2500 Visit
The Nursing School Grant Program Undergraduate Varies Visit
The Patricia Smith Christensen Scholarship Graduate Nursing Student 1k Visit
Tylenol Fuure Care Scholarship Undergraduate, Graduate 5k-10k Visit
Velma Flies Anderson Scholarship Senior Varies Visit
Virginia Elizabeth & Alma Vane Taylor Student Nurse Fund Undergraduate, Graduate Varies Visit
WGU Future of Nursing Scholarships Graduate 5k Visit
Distance Learner MPH Scholarship Graduate 1k Visit
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List of Nursing Scholarships

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