Mobility Grant at the University of Oldenburg in Germany, 2020

Germany is a country everyone admires for their amazing football team as many pundits have generally taunted them as “German Machines”. While they perform well in sports, on the other hand, they continually boost their academic system. The Mobility Grant at the University of Oldenburg in Germany, 2020 is one opportunity they use to strengthen their student numbers.

Some time ago, you needed to have a lot of money to attend a university. This was basically due to the high tuition fee rates.

A lot of students drifted to sports and other athletic events at which they performed incredibly well.

Today, the story is different as the Government has introduced free education in some educational systems.

So, in this article, we’ll precisely focus on Mobility Grant at the University of Oldenburg in Germany 2020, the eligibility requirements and application process.

About the Mobility Grant at the University of Oldenburg in Germany, 2020

The Univerity of Oldenburg is one of the premier universities in northwestern Germany. Indeed, they have a great record of excellence and service.

With over 95 courses of study, students get to choose from a whole lot of options. Furthermore, their rapport with other universities within their area is very commendable.

The Mobility Grant scholarship is a system of rewarding this university for their diligence and hard work.

Indeed, it’ll inspire a great sense of creativity and stronger among the students.

Application Process

The application process for the Mobility Grant at the University of Oldenburg is online.

All admitted students need to go to the portal and click on scholarships in order to get this opportunity.

However, before you apply online, you need to present your supporting documents.

Therefore, these supporting documents include;

  • Transcripts
  • Enrolment Certificate
  • Motivation letter or Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • English Language Proficiency Document

You can kickstart your application process by clicking the button below.


Grants are difficult to come by and should be treated with a strong sense of urgency. Hence, the earlier you apply, the higher your chances of success.

As one of the evolving centres for education, Germany is a very lively and amazing place to study.

It promises you learning in an environment where intelligence, fun and creativity collaborate for success.

So, prepare those documents and send out those application letters as soon as possible.

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