Master of Science International Scholarship in Norway 2020

The educational system is generally state-supported, to ensure that access to education is equal for all. This means that most institutions have no tuition fees. With such favorable conditions, you are almost expected to get a degree and experience liberal student life.

Applications are currently open for the Master of Science International Scholarship organized for students in Norway. Norway is one of the world’s choicest locations for abroad study.

Similarly, the high quality of Norwegian universities and university colleges have led to more and more international students choosing to study in Norway.

Interestingly, certificates of Norway are recognized in other countries of the world. Bachelor’s degree in Norway takes three years to complete, Master’s degree takes two years and Ph.D., a further three years.

Specific details of Master of Science International Scholarship

Find below some of the specific details you would really require to successfully apply for the Master of Science International Scholarship. Carefully read through.

Level/Field of study:

This is a masters level scholarship for students pursuing masters degree programs in Universities in Norway. Entries from students doing their undergraduate studies or doctoral studies will not be considered.

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Host Nationality:

The Master of Science International Scholarship is hosted and taken in Norway.

Eligible Nationality:

This scholarship opportunity is open to international students. This means that students from other countries can apply and be awarded this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates who wish to apply for this scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates demonstrating strong academic performance who apply for, and are accepted in, a Master of Science degree.
  •  Full study progression (30 ECTS) in each semester.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of a “B” on the BI ECTS scale after completion of each academic semester.
  • Candidates who are awarded the MSc International Scholarship must be prepared to be “BI Ambassadors”, acting as spokespeople, assisting in recruitment efforts and promoting a good study environment. The details regarding responsibilities will be specified in the Scholarship Contract.

Science International Scholarships at the University of Queensland in Australia, 2020

How to apply:

To apply for the International Masters scholarship, students should follow these guidelines:

Scholarship worth:

The value of the International Master Scholarship varies. Sometimes the scholarship covers only part of the tuition fees or full tuition fees for the first year, while some can cover a full or partial tuition fee for a maximum period of two years if the student meets the academic progress requirements.

Moreso, some Masters scholarships may include a one-off payment to help with living expenses in the first semester. The salary amount is determined after the evaluation for each candidate.

Application deadline:

Candidates who wish to apply for this opportunity are advised to do so on or before March 1. So they should endeavor to send in their admission applications, scholarship application, by the said date.

Application Link:

Below is the official scholarship site. You learn more about this opportunity using the given link.

Master of Science International Scholarship: FAQs

What level of students are eligible to apply for this opportunity?

This scholarship as the name implies, is specifically packaged for students pursuing their masters studies.

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Can international students apply for this scholarship?

Yes! Students from other countries can apply and win this scholarship

What are the requirements for applying and winning this scholarship?

We have carefully listed out all the requirements you need to apply and win this scholarship. You may have to go back up to see it.


Successful candidates will have access to a lot of benefits. One of such benefit is the award of part of the tuition fees or full tuition fees for the first year which can also run for a period of two years. Winning this scholarship is the next big thing that will happen to your career.

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