Steps on How to Become a Drone Operator without a University Degree.

It is important to get knowledge of what drones are and how they may assist your profession and job prospects. You need to know what it takes to become a skilled drone pilot, the easiest way to become a drone pilot, the importance of acquiring such a skill, and job openings to drone pilots around the world.

Getting Skilled in Drone Operating – what it entails

In every developed nation, there are drone operators and companies. Underdeveloped communities are also opening the gates to drone use. Ideally, you must undergo some training before being allowed to legally fly a drone in your country. This comes largely in the form of some knowledge-based test followed by a license.

Getting skilled in drone operating entails that you complete a number of steps. These are not very difficult steps. You will need to do some studying then undergo some practical training and then practice under a supervisor. You’re going to have to perfect your skill gradually. It is recommended that you use a cheap drone for practice, even if you can afford a more expensive one.

In a nutshell, you’re going to start by learning some few left lessons and then buying your own drone and then getting a certification from one of the recognized authorized organizations near you. Then practice and practice more. Do not fly it all by yourself if that is possible. Do your initial flying practice under the watchful eyes of an expert.  Also get an insurance for your drone, obey local laws of the airspace and country you are flying in.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have made available means to learn all you need to know about drone piloting. You will know of all the knowledge requirements.

The FAA is an American aviation organisation that is tasked with providing the safest most efficient Aerospace system in the world. If this organisation certifies you a qualified drone pilot, no one will doubt your theoretical knowledge of drone piloting. The FAA is not your only gateway to a drone pilot certification. every country have a similar aviation organization for certifying drone pilots. we use them as an example because they have detailed and clearly stated requirements for drone piloting.

Why You Can Become a Drone Operator Without a University Degree

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You probably want to look for a job with your new skills. This might have you wondering if you could become a commercial drone pilot without a degree. Well, this is perfectly possible. in fact, the best aviation organization in the world (the FAA) does not require a degree to qualify you. just like driving a car, you can learn flying a drone without a university degree. The knowledge requirements by the FAA take candidates about 20 – 40 hours to complete. That is a very short time for a degree course.

There are new universities however that are offering drone piloting degrees, like the university of Dakota. These courses are usually far more advanced than what you need as a commercial drone pilot. They train students to fly drones for specific missions like airstrikes, research, inspecting towers and more. As a commercial pilot who wants to earn a living flying drones, you mustn’t have a degree in drone piloting at all. Most drone pilots do not have university degrees in drone piloting.

The license is your easiest way to prove to any organisation that you have the skill necessary to work for them. Normally these organizations run a practical test to assess your skills. it is important not to only have a license but also the ability to defend the license stop.


Steps to Become a Drone Pilot Without a Degree

  • Start by sharpening your communication skills in English because pretty much all of the material you are going to read from the FAA document is in English. Without proper understanding of the English language, you are not going to benefit much from the manual even though it covers everything you need to become a successful drone pilot.
  • Now get the necessary material to study that will give you a theoretical understanding of how to fly a drone and all the basic skills and knowledge you need. Such material has great advantage despite being purely theoretical. The exploration of drone flying in the FAA manual is rigorous. By understanding it, you will master the practical aspect faster and easily remember what you learn in practical experience. Understanding the manual also simplifies the task of teaching someone else because you’ll use the lingo of drone piloting – which also makes you sound more professional, thereby instilling confidence in your students and employers alike.
  • Buy a cheap drone. use it to practice in the presence of an expert or join some drone school around for practical training. master as much as you can in both theoretical and practical drone flying and keep advancing your knowledge.
  • Prepare to write an exam by one of the organizations that control drones in your country even if it is not a government-funded organization. The big deal is for that organization to have official recognition. prepare for the exam based on your theoretical knowledge of the FAA manual or maybe other manuals, and your practical experience of flying with an expert. practical experience makes it far more likely for you to remember what you studied in the manual, making it easier to ace your exam.
  • Register for the exam. Register early and follow the correct procedures as outlined by the organization to avoid disqualification because of some silly mistakes. Some registration mistakes might prevent you from taking the test altogether. sit for the test and do your best.
  • After getting a license, obey the rules in any locality you find yourself to avoid seizure of license or being blacklisted. if organizations discover you have a history of reckless flying, they will be reluctant to offer you a job even if you have the skill. Therefore, it is very important to be ethical in flying the drone and in everything you do.
  • Get some practical working experience with a company. An experience in flying for certain commercial entities, organizations, or government agencies will make your CV much more attractive when you apply for a job. So don’t just sit back and relax after having your license even if you don’t need the job right away. Just get some experience working commercially instead of flying your drone privately.
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Benefits of Drone Operating

There are several benefits of operating a drone that many people are not aware of. There is a great career opportunity in flying a drone. experts are projecting that at least 100,000 jobs will open by 2025. A wide range of industries are now adopting drones in the operations. There is extensive use of drones in real estate, film and media, construction agriculture, etc. it is possible that soon drones will be used to deliver items from Amazon and other online stores.

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If you are able to fly a drone, there’s a good possibility that you will get employment with one of the top companies with a good pay. Some drone pilots make 6-figure incomes – that is, about a hundred thousand dollars a year.

Flying a drone is a very exciting experience that gives you a unique aerial view an environment. you can see things from far like, elevated buildings and mountains and also take pictures or record videos of such places.

Operate a drone will help you improve in certain professions like photography, videography and someone. Drones can let you take very beautiful footages of a wide area that will be impractical to cover on foot.

You can fly drones as a leisure activity. The fun of piloting a drone can keep you outdoors for long, instead of spending most of your free time at home building up blood pressure.

Career Opportunities for a Drone Pilot

hundreds of jobs are being listed on freelancing marketplaces like and others. Some advertised positions include Field engineer, unmanned aviation operator, unmanned aircraft system pilot, GIS coordinator, part-time or full-time drone pilot, flight testing technician, and more. A wide range of industries are adopting drones in their operations and this trend will like to grow.

The skill of flying a drone is widely in demand around the world. You can travel to advanced countries like the U.S.A, U.K, China and others to work as a drone pilot, and this makes it easier to get permanent residence in such countries. plus, the skill can be acquired with a relatively shorter time than with other jobs.

Conclusion Flying a drone without certification can have severe consequences. Not being formally aware of the rules will increase your chances of violating traffic laws. You can also cause accidents that result in harm to people or properties. Certification is necessary if you intend to make drone flying a profession. That is the easiest and fast way to prove your prowess to any employer.

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