How Not to Graduate With a Third Class Degree Honour


Ther are so many factors that could lead to one graduating with a third class. Sometimes, it is not the fault of the student as against the popular belief. Sometimes, it could be his fault. Apart from personal factors, certain external factors like lack of proper orientation about the importance of education, family issues, inexperienced professor, and so on could make him lose focus, thereby, leading him to graduate with a third-class certificate.

Whatever the case may be, the student who graduated with a third-class must bear the consequence of the result because he was actually the one who went to school and brought such a result home. Your grade point average is one of the ways you can assess your progress as a student. You should always bear in mind that poor results are caused by a poor attitude to academic work. It is not actually caused by poor intellect. This means that you could be working hard, but you are not working smarter. If you do not want to graduate with a third class, avoid the below-mentioned mistakes; if not, you are on your way to graduating with a third-class certificate.

Assuming you are still struggling with your grades, you can try to rectify the situation and get back on track by doing the necessary things. This means that you will need loads of self-motivation to be able to push through.

The following are some of the ways you could graduate with a third class:

  • Poor time management

Poorly managing your time affects your productivity, organization, and self-control. This will ultimately lead to poor results. Make an effort to allow time for each activity. Do not procrastinate or do the wrong thing at a time meant for something that is more important. You could be working hard, but if you make something else your priority or avoid managing your time properly, you might be on your way to landing with a third class.

  • Not doing your school or class work or doing it late
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It is always good to stay on track. Find out the assignments that are given and the proper time for their submission. Yes, there are personal responsibilities that could weigh you down, but do not give anything priority over your studies.

  • Preparing for the exam late

There is a popular saying that you do not read for the examination during the exam period. This is why most students fail. They start preparing for the exam at a time they are supposed to be round up with revisions. Time is something we do not have control of, but we can actually manage it to suit us. Like we pointed out in number one, assign time to every activity. Studying your books is an activity you must not take for granted. Therefore, study every day, if possible, and make sure you are able to cover all the subjects in your timetable, in order to accommodate the difficult ones.

  • Not getting involved in the class discussions

Class discussions are some of the ways to get yourself involved in the course. It also gives you a better knowledge of the subject matter. Ideas and opinions are shared, and opposing viewpoints are weighed and compared during class discussions. When this happens, you could assess your level of understanding, thereby covering your lapses. When you are lackadaisical over it, it could be a one-way you are taking to get the third class. Do not be shy to raise an opinion or a topic for discussion when you lack the basic knowledge or confused about it

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  • Not setting a goal for yourself

As a student, you must set a clear, realizable goal for yourself, whether long term or short term. Setting a goal helps you to include everything on your agenda while giving priorities to the necessary ones. Make sure there is a backup action to achieve your goals. Actions help one to achieve each set goal which in turn, will affect your academic performance. If not, poor grades are usually the outcome.

  • Having poor sleep habits

As a student, while setting your goals for the day, you must include resting. Proper sleep habits help in retaining the memory and revitalizing one’s energy. An adequate amount of sleep must be a top priority while oversleeping or lack of it is a certain way to reduce your concentration in your studies.

  • Not taking advantage of free tutoring services

Some higher institutions offer free tutoring services to their students as a way of backing them up academically. Some students also offer to give free tutorial services to their fellow students. These tutorial services are usually offered on individual courses; some are taken online, while some are offered within the school premises. If your grades are not adding up, you could need a tutor to help you upgrade. If at all money is involved, parting with a few cash in order to be on top of the game is not a bad idea.

  • Procrastination

Procrastination is a lazy man’s apology, so we usually say. But that is just the truth. If you keep putting off studying or reading your materials, you are just as good as being a lazy student. You want to avoid it? focus on your goals. Do not do it later, do it now and rest later. Regularly studying your books helps you to retain information in the books as well as increases your focus on the big picture, which is to graduate with a good grade. That is not just that, you are also going to beat cramming for the examination. Have you been disappointed by cram work before? You can understand better now.

  • Inconsistency and skipping of classes
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Be consistent in your studies. Always make sure you keep up to date with everything happening with regards to your studies. Lagging behind will make you lose important things you need to know. In the same vein, skipping classes is not a good way to show seriousness in school. There are things your professor says that may come out in the examination and the only way to get them is by being present in class.

  • Lack of self-improvement

Self-improvement cuts across all walks of life. As a student, you must get to improve your studies. Find ways to make your studies interesting while being serious. get to understand what made those at the top of the class to achieve academic excellence and work on your weaknesses. Do not be satisfied with the level you are operating unless you are in a good position.

  • Settling for less

One of the ways to get a third-class is by settling for less. If your GPA reads 1.0, it means that you need to aspire higher. The moment you don’t care about your poor performance; it is going to affect your result at the end of your academic year.

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