How to get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Durban

Durban is one of the most interesting places you’d want to study. With its sunny beaches and fascinating Afro-Indian culture, it is obviously becoming a don’t-miss stop in South Africa.

Strolling through the wide extended plains of the shores of the Durban river reveals its undying beauty. This has practically attracted more tourists; businessmen and students alike to the city.

If you are a student and you are looking to study in Durban, this article is written to help you find your way around town. It’s written to help you find cheap student accommodation in Durban.

So, do really take your time to read through this article for all it promises to offer.

One of the exclusives you’ll get from here is that we’ll be linking you up to the best platforms where your student accommodation will be very cheap.


 Easy Is It To Get Student Accommodation In Durban?

There are about 3 major universities in Durban. Each passing year, these schools offer admission to thousands of international students who come in from various parts of the world.

In a recent study, it was discovered that Durban Universities offer admission to over 30, 000 international students every year.

It was also found that not all the universities have well-spaced accommodations for their students. This has led many of the visiting students to resolve to finding their own private spaces.

But the question is, how easy is it to find a space in Durban? This question and even more is what we seek to answer in this article.

The following expert tips on how to get student accommodation in Durban have been put together to help you find your feet before the struggle begins.

What Time Should I Start Looking For Student Accommodation In Durban?

Usually, the best time to start looking for your accommodation in Durban is in November. The first semester starts January and lectures begin by February. So, if you wish to get cheap off-campus student accommodation in Durban, I advise you to begin early November.

However, if you wish to stay in any of the university’s residences, you will need to apply by June of the year preceding your registration. That should be early enough.

Where Can I Find Cheap Student Accommodation In Durban?

There are various agencies and residencies where you can get cheap accommodation in Durban. These agencies have apartments, en-suite rooms, single rooms, and flats that students can rent.

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Additionally, you can also get cheap accommodation through Durban universities’ accommodation schemes. To do this, contact the schools’ accommodation porter.

Below are some of the websites where you can find students accommodation in Durban.

How much does it cost to get a Student Accommodation in Durban?

For student accommodation in Durban, keep around R 10000. This may vary according to the house, location, and duration of rent. For example, in a fancy house, you can get a shared double room for around R38 000 and a single room for R47 000 per annum. There will be additional costs for furnishing the apartments and bills like electricity and the internet.

Tips on How to get Cheap Accommodation in Durban

Carefully read the tips given below. It will help you find the most affordable places you can reside.

Tips #1 – Start Your Application On Time

Your first step to getting good affordable student accommodation in Durban is starting well on time to look for the space.

If you are going to make the application online, it is advised you make that well on time. Most times considerations are given on first come, first serve time basis.

Now you want to ask, “how early is early enough?”

Start Immediately you gain admission. If possible, towards the end of your application process. This definitely is the best time to do this.

Tip #2 Ensure To Get A Good Location

Another tip to help you secure a good and cheap accommodation at Durban is this: get a place close to school. Why you want to get a space that is close to the school is so you can easily take a walk down to school.

While the accommodation may be a bit more expensive, it is a lot cheaper. It will help you cut down on the cost of boarding taxis and sometimes the budget for lunch.

You can quickly hop home to grab lunch and get back to class for the next lecture.

Tip #3 Check your School

Durban University has many residencies for students to live in. This is actually the first place to start your journey. However, if you don’t apply on time, the available spaces will be filled up.

All you need is to contact your college accommodation officer to find the available spaces and how to secure it.

Tip #4 Seek Help Where Necessary

Don’t be afraid to seek help. People will understand that you are new to the process and will want to make it less burdensome for you. Ask questions where necessary and when necessary. You’d definitely find nice people who’d want to help you.

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Tip #5 Be Well Discerning

There are some people out there who might want to take advantage of you. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So do not fall for cheap scams. Also, ensure you don’t make payment for an apartment before visiting the apartment.

Tip #6 Consult Accommodation Agencies and Useful Online Platforms

Consult useful online platforms that can help. can be helpful websites. Please beware of fraudulent websites that are aimed at ripping you off your money.

Tip #7 Consider Other Essential Factors

Prioritize your needs, such as proximity to campus, budget, and then stick to it. Don’t be afraid to make your choice but be realistic.

List of cheap accommodations for students in Durban

The following are some of the cheap accommodations for students in Durban. Carefully read to find the one that suits your budget.

They are listed below;

  • Flat To Let Next To Dut Durban
  • Studio Apartment In Essenwood
  • 1 Bed Flat With Lug In Morningside
  • Bachelor Apartment In Morningside
  • Bedroom Garden Cottage, Westville North

We are going to explain some of these cheap student accommodations and how to get them.

#1. 3 Bedroom Apartment Next to DUT Durban

Water, Electricity and Internet included in fees.

Furnished Student Accommodation

Rent: R 2100

This is one of the cheapest student accommodation in Durban. They basically have accommodation to suit every student’s needs and pockets.

The apartment is a 3-bedroom made for students who want to live alone. The 3 bedrooms can also be shared by two other rooms.

The space is well equipped with a bed, built-in cupboards, fridge, and other furnishings are given to you. It is important to know you have to supply your beddings, cutleries, and anything else you may need.

Your yearly house rent here is R 2100.

#2. Studio Apartment In Essenwood

247 security, Wifi, Electricity included

Furnished Apartment

Rent: 5 700

This is another very affordable accommodation for students in Durban.

This brand new unit has been remodeled with style and class. Everything from the taps to countertops and stoves are all brand new. This is just the perfect space for any professional or student.

The apartment has been perfectly located in the Essenwood area which is a mere 1-minute walk to the Avondale spar, close to all amenities.

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The house rent is R 5,700.

#3. 1 Bed Flat With Lug In Morningside

Electricity, Internet, water


R7,500 Per person for one year

This is one of the cheap and affordable Durban student accommodation is located in a walking distance from the University of Durban.

The independent rooms are private, non-sharing bedrooms and come fully furnished with an en-suite bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.


#4. Bachelor Apartment In Morningside

Includes Water, electricity and weekly cleaning service.

Furnished and non-furnished

R 3, 900

This cozy garden cottage is tiled throughout. It has a separate bedroom with an en suite shower and toilet. There is a small living room with a kitchenette.

#5. 1 Bedroom Garden Cottage, Westville North

Water, electrcity


R 5 500

The Bedroom Garden Cottage Student Accommodation at Durban is your one-stop place for all your accommodation concerns. They can help you with all that is needed to meet your needs.

With a swimming pool for the students to recreate, every student has the privacy of his already furnished room.


Student accommodation in Durban is quite easy to get because of the number of universities in this city. There are so many places you can find to stay. We’ve only highlighted these few here.

In the same vein, check out the websites we shared for more. Check the cost and places you can apply to.

FAQs On Getting a Student Accommodation in Durban

How do I apply for accommodation at Durban University?

Check out the appliction links we’ve given out, follow the link to the seller to strike a deal and pay for your accommodation.

What is the cheapest student accommodation in Durban?

Aside from the Durban universities residences, you can find some other cheap residences using these links:,

When should I apply for student accommodation?

If you applied to any of the Durban Universities, the application deadline for accommodation is by June the preceding year. If you are going for private accommodation, start the search by November the preceding year since the university resumes by January.

What are the factors to consider before getting student accommodation in Durban?

Some of the things to consider include;

Nearness to School
Free Internet
24/7 Security


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