Apply now: Blue & Gold Scholarship at UNC Greensboro 2021


A lot of students graduate from high school with exceptional grades but battle to keep up with college.

The underlying reason remains the battle required in combining work with study in order to pay their tuition.

Hence, UNC Greensboro in affiliation with other schemes has provided the Blue & Gold Scholarship in 2021.

UNC Greensboro is one of the campuses of UC. Therefore, they are open to a lot of scholarship opportunities. They are popularly known and respected for their standard of education.

For this article, we will clearly talk about the Blue & Gold scholarship, its application process & more.


About the Blue & Gold Scholarship

The Blue & Gold Scholarship is an accumulation of scholarship grants in order to help qualified students study in UNC Greensboro.

Since this scholarship is a totality of diverse offers, it is thereby safe to tell you that the Blue & Gold Scholarship is a fully-funded aid.

UNC Greensboro established this scholarship to help both California and non-California students. However, the non-California students need to present a residence permit in addition to their admission form.

Ever since the inception of the B & G Scholarship, students with a family income of less than $70,000 have benefited greatly.

For this reason, the quality of education in UNC Greensboro has improved greatly in a short time.

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Blue & Gold Scholarship Worth

Most UNC scholarships are under the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Therefore, this makes the scholarship fully sponsored.

So if you have applied for this scholarship, you’re eligible to study free of charge.

How many students can get this scholarship?

Being an aid sponsored by the Government, thirty students can get access to the scholarship.

Therefore, you need to register early while getting your documents together.


As expected, UNC distributes scholarships to qualified and deserving students. Therefore, before you can become a beneficiary of the Blue & Gold Scholarship, you must;

  • Submit a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application and Cal Grant GPA Verification Form by March 2
  • Possess California residency status or have AB 540 status
  • Demonstrate total family income below $80,000 and financial need, as determined for federal need-based aid programs
  • Be in your first four years as a UC undergraduate (first two for transfer students)
  • Meet other campus requirements for UC grant aid (for example, be enrolled at least half-time during the academic year, meet campus academic progress standards, not be in default on student loans, etc.)

The B & G scholarship is open to undergraduate students in their first or second year.

The scholarship program is sponsored by the Government in addition to other private bodies.

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California students plus those with California residency are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Application Process

The application process for the Blue & Gold scholarship 2021 is a simple process. Therefore, you will pick up the FAFSA form online while presenting your supporting documents.

Supporting documents

  •  Admission letter from UNC Greensboro
  • FAFSA application letter
  • Residency permit(for non-California students)
  • Statement of result stating CGPA
  • Document representing total family income

Application Portal


Funding Agencies & Requirements

Corrine Sussman Segal Scholarship Awarded to an incoming freshman majoring in any field within the School of Education.
Claudia Buchdahl Kadis Scholarship Awarded to NC residents pursuing a degree in the College of Arts & Sciences.
Carrie Davis Ponder ’58 Merit Scholarship Awarded to incoming freshman in any field within the School of Education.
Carolyn Bason Long Merit Scholarship Awarded to incoming students majoring in any field of study. Therefore, recipients must maintain full-time enrollment.
Carol Jean Eiserer Memorial Scholarship Provides for out-of-state tuition, fees, and on-campus room in addition to a board for a graduate of the Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, majoring in Kinesiology.
Beverly C. Moore Scholarship An annual unrestricted award.
In essence, a Board of Visitors Chancellor’s Scholarship
Bank of America Scholarships Awarded to students interested in business and economics
50th Class Reunion Scholarship Made possible through ongoing class gifts given by alumni on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their graduation from the University.
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As clearly seen from the table above, these organizations have different requirements. Therefore, you can choose the one which suits you so as to apply immediately.

Blue & Gold Scholarship FAQ

How does the Blue & Gold scholarship work?

The Blue & Gold scholarship is a financial aid offered to qualified undergraduate students

What is the Blue & Gold plan?

The Blue & Gold plan is an opportunity for freshment to gain access to awesome financial plans

Is Cal Grant the same as the Blue & Gold scholarship?

Cal Grant is different from Blue & Gold. They are two different programs.

How do I apply for the Blue & Gold scholarship?

You can apply for the Blue & Gold scholarship when you pick up a FAFSA form.

Can an International student get the Blue & Gold scholarship?

Yes. An international student with California residency can get the scholarship


The Blue & Gold scholarship program 2021 is a great opportunity to study at UNC Greensboro.

Hence, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. And we wish you success in your application.


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