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The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit-based grant in South Carolina. This was established in 1988. It is awarded to the most brilliant high school senior in order to attend college.

You can agree with me that trying to get through high school in America is always difficult. Why is it so? This is because of the cost of tuition. And students always borrow money in most cases in order to attend high school. However, the Palmetto Fellows scholarship has come to help brilliant high school seniors.

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a grant which is given to the most academically talented high school seniors on merit. However, the purpose of the scholarship is to encourage the students to study in a college in the State.

In fact, this program started in 1988. Besides, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education is in charge of this Palmetto Fellow Scholarship. Palmetto Fellows may get up to $6,700 in their first year and up to $7,500 in their second year.

Have you been thinking of how to study at any college in South Carolina and you are very brilliant? Here, is the solution for you.

Indeed, the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship scheme has come to help out in this problem. This grant helps brilliant high school seniors to study in a college.

What is the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

In fact, this is a scheme in South Carolina that offers scholarships on merit to high school seniors on merit. However, the student will get half of the grant in the fall term and a half in the spring term.

A first-year student gets $6,700, a second, third and fourth-year student get $7,500 each academic year. The scholarship needs the student to apply directly towards the cost of attendance, less than any other gift aid received.

How much is the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit-based program that was set up in 1988. And, it is given by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. The amount each year for a first-year student is $6,700. While the award amount for a student in the second year and other years upward is $7,500 each year.

Does a student on Palmetto Fellows Scholarship pay tax?

Actually, based on the information from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), a student on the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship does not pay tax.

Is Clemson equal to the Palmetto Fellow Scholarship?

The Palmetto Fellows grant is always available during the fall and spring semesters except for students on internship. However, a student may choose to receive the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship in the next summer at Clemson. But the student will have to take at least 12 credit hours in the summer.

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Which GPA is needed for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

Honestly, for a student to have the Palmetto Fellows grant, he/she must have at least 30 credit hours and an aggregate Clemson GPA of 3.0 or more.


As a matter of fact, there are two ways in which a student can meet the requirements for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. Thus, they include:

  • The recipient must be in the top 6% at the end of the 10th, or  the 11th, or the 12th-grade academic year
  • However, ranking can be used as an eligibility requirement for schools/home school associations that have an official policy on the rank that has been reviewed by the Commission for compliance with the established Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Regulations
  • The inheritor must have 1200 on the SAT/27 on the ACT (through the June test administration of the graduating year)
  • Next, the awardee must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA (based on the SC UGP).


  • The inheritor must qualify to have the Alternate Criteria eligibility requirements without the ranking.
  • Furthermore, the recipient must earn 1400 on the SAT/32 on the ACT (through the June test administration of the graduating year).
  • Finally, the awardee must have a 4.0 Cumulative GPA (based on the SC UGP).

Additionally, the awardee must also meet the general eligibility criteria for the Palmetto Fellows. However, these are the general requirements:

  • First, you must attend an eligible public or private university in South Carolina.
  • Secondly, the awardee must be a legal resident of South Carolina.
  • Furthermore, the inheritor must be a citizen of the USA or a permanent resident.
  • Next, the person must not have been convicted of any felonies or any drug or alcohol-related crime.
  • However, you must not be a Hope or Life recipient.
  • Finally, the awardee must not be owing to any financial aid by the State or Federal.

Level/Field of Study

In fact, the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is meant for a brilliant high school senior who is a resident in South Carolina to encourage the student to study in a college in the State.

Host Nationality

The Palmetto Fellows scholarship takes place in the USA.

Eligible Nationality

However, the Palmetto Fellows grant is open for only USA legal residents to study in any of the colleges in South Carolina. In fact, the Palmetto Fellows scholarship is available for eight terms of study.

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Enhancement of the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

You may ask, why did they enhance this grant?. However, in the 2007 legislative session, the General Assembly created the LIFE Scholarship Enhancements. The Scholarship Enhancement increases the award amount from $7,500 to $10,000.

However, this enhancement is available to students doing mathematics, science and health fields at eligible South Carolina four-year institutions. Moreover, students who meet the eligibility requirements for both the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and the Enhancement will get an award of up to $10,000 every year.

Besides, this will help to cover their cost of attendance at any eligible four-year public or independent institution in the state. Eligible students can be awarded a LIFE/HOPE Scholarship Enhancement to cover the cost of attendance for up to six consecutive terms. This starts in their second year after entering college.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Enhancements Eligibility

How to apply

Step 1

Print applicable checklist. Only one checklist is needed per packet:

  • SC Public Schools.
  • SC homeschools, Private and Independent Schools.
  • Out-of-State schools.

Step 2

However, list all the eligible and declining students on the Eligible Applicants Form.

  • Make sure that you print the form and include it in the application packet submitted to the Commission.
  • The High School Counselor is responsible for identifying all students at his/her high school who are eligible to apply for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship.

Step 3

Complete your Student’s Online Application.

  • Please note: You will not be able to save an application once you have started. Once an application is submitted you will not be able to revise or retrieve the application.
  • Print the Success Pagefor each submission for your records only. This will include a transaction ID for each entry as a confirmation of submission for your records.
  • DO NOT include the success page in the application packet submission.
  • If you find out that you made a mistake after you have submitted an online application, do not submit another online application for that student. Instead, include a letter with the paper application materials. Inside that letter, please explain the mistake or change that occurred.

Step 4

Print the Certification and Authorization of Applicant Form.

  • However, the students must complete and return pages 4-5 to school for their counselors.

Step 5

Send all the required forms and official documentation through mail. A document checklist is listed below in the resource section.

  • All required forms from your high school must be returned by certified mail with return receipt requested to the Commission on Higher Education by the established deadline date to be considered.
  • All required documentation and application packets must be in receipt of the Commission office by 5:00 pm of the established deadline date.
  • No emails/faxes or non-certified mail will be accepted.
  • If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday the deadline is the last week Friday.
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Deadline for application

However, all the materials for the application must be in the office of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education by 5:00 pm on the deadline date. Alternatively, if Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday happens to be the deadline date, the deadline now becomes the last week Friday.


The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship was set up in 1988 by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Furthermore, this grant offers scholarships on merit to high school seniors on merit in South Carolina. However, the student will get half of the grant in the fall term and a half in the spring term.

The amount each year for a first-year student is $6,700. While the award amount for a student in the second year and other years upward is $7,500 each year.

However, the General Assembly in South Carolina in her legislative session in 2007 created the LIFE Scholarship Enhancements. Besides, the Scholarship Enhancement increases the award amount from $7,500 to $10,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get the Life Scholarship?

Firstly, you must have a SAT 1score of 1100 or 24 on the ACT. Secondly, the person must be a High School graduate with at least 3.0 GPA on the S.C. Uniform Grading Scale.

What is the amount of the SC Hope Scholarship?

The SC General Assembly determines the amount. But now, the highest amount is $2,800 ($2,650 for tuition and $150 for textbooks)

What does SC HOPE Scholarship mean?

The South Carolina HOPE Scholarship scheme was set up in 2001 and it was put into action in the 2002/2003 academic session. It is an award based on merit for students entering a college of four years who do not meet the requirements for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship or the LIFE Scholarship.

How long does the LIFE Scholarship last?

The LIFE Scholarship is given for one year and can continue for more years if the person meets the eligible requirements. The scholarship will be given every academic year (Fall semester) to a continuing student.


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