University of Barcelona Tuition 2021: Cost of Living And Scholarships

scholarship programme
scholarship programme

It is common knowledge that the first things most people consider when choosing a school to study are its reputation, courses on offer, tuition, cost of living, and for some others, the availability of financial aid, especially for a school like the University of Barcelona.

For the University of Barcelona, a grasp of the tuition, cost of living, and financial aid are sure to give the confidence boost that one needs to proceed with applying for this very prestigious school.

This article has put together some things you need to know about the University of Barcelona. Read on!

The University of Barcelona is a prestigious institution of higher education that has a long history of learning and has been at the fore of scientific research. UB was founded in 1450 and is located in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

This prestigious university has continued to maintain its top position as one of the leading schools in the Mediterranean and in Europe. Every year, the university welcomes a large number of people into its fold.

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The university boasts 15% of foreign intakes as students yearly, from over 122 different nationalities.


Why University of Barcelona?

If innovation is one of your criteria for choosing schools, then the University of Barcelona ranks as number 1 in Spain, according to a Reuters Top 100: Most innovative Universities

The university also boasts an 87% employability rate of graduates before the first year and agreements with 116 of the best 200 schools in the world. So why not?

How does the University of Barcelona operate?

The university is a community is one that is made up of about seventy thousand people, including students, faculty, administrative, and services staff. Its structure comprises sixteen faculties organized among six campuses, the Barcelona Science Park, and nine affiliated centers.

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The university offers seventy-three bachelor degrees which are adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), students will also have the option of enrolling in dual pathways and completing two different degree programs at the same time.

Two degree courses are taught wholly in English (International Business and English Studies) and five are taught partially in English.

The university also offers fifteen double degrees, one hundred and fifty official university master’s degrees which offer graduates access to doctoral programs through either a professional or research pathway, five hundred UB-specific master’s and postgraduate degree courses, and 48 doctoral programs.


University of Barcelona tuition

For a bachelor’s degree, the average tuition fee is €2,900/year, while for a master’s degree, the standard enrolment fee for a master’s degree course with 60 ECTS credits is between €2,500/year and €3,300/year, but the fee may change depending on certain characteristics of the course and/or the student. International students also do not pay more than €3,500/year.

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Cost of living

The average cost of living for students in Barcelona is around €1,000 per month. Where monthly rent in a student’s resident is between €400 – €600, and a three-month transport ticket goes for €142, and food at weekly supermarket costs at €40 – €50.

Financial aid

The University offers some financial aid to take away some stress for some groups of people who may need it. Notwithstanding, there are also more than 75 financial aid schemes tailored to the University of Barcelona.


The University of Barcelona is a combination of many things that makes a school a good fit for someone who wants a good place to study, and offers other benefits.


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