Sugar Industry Scholarship at Sugar Research Institute in Australia, 2021

Applications are underway for the Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship 2021, jointly funded by Australian Sugar Mills, Sugar Research Institute, and Sugar Research Australia.

The fellowship is open to engineering students (chemistry, mechanics, process engineering and electrical engineering), natural sciences or technical disciplines at an Australian university or college.

About the award

The Australian sugar industry will finance scholarship recipients each year to be hosted by Australian sugar mills and refineries for up to three four-week work locations each for a calendar year and a half (two locations during the crushing season and one placement during season maintenance).

The scholarship is jointly funded by the sugar mills of Australia, through the Sugar Research Institute (SRI) and Sugar Research Australia (SRA).

In addition to financial support and job placement, the Australian Sugar Industry scholarship program helps beneficiaries make the most of their university experience through additional development opportunities by developing their leadership skills and professional networks.

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) invests and manages a portfolio of research, development and adoption projects that boost the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the Australian sugarcane industry. SRA, an industry-owned company, is funded by a legal lien paid by producers and milling companies, as well as through investments from the governments of Australia and Queensland.

This scholarship aims to encourage the participation of highly qualified students in the Australian sugar processing industry.

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About the Sponsor: Australian Sugar Research Institute

The Australian Sugar Research Institute (SRI) offers global know-how in sugar processing and refining technology. They rely on 69 years of sugar-specific experience to solve the technical and operational problems of processing cane sugar.

Established in 1949, Sugar Research Institute operates on a “not-for-profit” basis and is owned and supported by Australia’s sugar milling industry.  Our focus is to offer our clients and owners a competitive advantage based on technical and operational excellence.  This excellence arises from our unmatched understanding and application of the science of sugar processing.

Sugar Research Institute (SRI) is a world leader in science and innovation for sugar milling and refining technology. SRI develops innovative products, technical expertise, commercial research services and training for raw and refined sugar manufacturers worldwide.

Sugar Research Institutes’ understanding of the science of sugar processing helps sugar mills and refineries worldwide to maximize sugar recovery and to deliver best practice in process efficiency and plant design.

What You Need to Know About the Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship 2021

Level/ Field of study

The scholarship is open to further study. The scholarship is awarded in the fields of engineering (chemistry, mechanics, process engineering and electricity), sciences or technical disciplines.

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Host Nationality

Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship is hosted by Australian Sugar Mills, Sugar Research Institute and Sugar Research in Australia. Scholarships can be taken in Australia.

Aside from the Scholarship, there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available

Eligible Nationality

Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship 2021 is for Australian or New Zealander citizen. or permanent residents of Australia.


Scholarship worth

Australian Sugar Scholarship Winners will receive:

  • A payment of $2,500 for a satisfactory internship and the completion of the engineering project report.
  • Paid internship at industry rates and subsistence of $250 per week.

Scholarship Number

The Number of Sugar Industry Scholarship Program offered annually is unknown

Eligibility for the Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship Program

For a candidate to be eligible for this sugar industry scholarship, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be an Australian or New Zealand students.
  • A penultimate student currently studying engineering, science or engineering at a university or Australian college.
  • You must able to complete up to three internships over a period of 18 months (12 weeks in total) during a semester at an Australian sugar mill selected by SRI.
  • Before starting an internship, the fellow must pass all medical tests, including alcohol and drug testing, required by a sugar company.
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How to Apply for the Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship

Download and complete the application form.

  • A cover letter and a CV
  • Certified copies of your school file and certificate
  • Certified copies of proof of citizenship or residence visa
  • Letter of recommendation from at least two examiners (must contain a reference to academic or professional experience)
  • Send the completed form and attachments on time.
    Note: Only students who have received a scholarship will be notified. There is no appeal procedure for unsuccessful candidates.

To apply for the Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship 2021, applicants must download the application form and send it to

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications for the Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship 2021 is March 11, annually

You can begin the application by clicking on the Scholarships Link

FAQs on Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship

What is the deadline for Scholarship

The deadline for applications for the Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship 2021 is March 11, annually.

What is the benefit for Scholarship?

The value of the scholarship includes a payment of $2,500 for a satisfactory internship and the completion of the engineering project report and a Paid internship at industry rates and subsistence of $250 per week.


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