100 Free CIMA Professional Membership Registration Up for Grabs

There are free 100 CIMA student membership
slots for undergraduates in 100, 200, 300, 400
and 500 levels irrespective of course of study.
About the CIMA Undergraduate Club
The Club is an initiative of CIMA, the Chartered
Institute of Management
Accountants (www.cimaglobal.com)
It is a business club for young undergraduates,
irrespective of course of study.
By joining this exclusive club, undergraduates
become part of the global CIMA community
spanning 80 countries – and widely acclaimed as
the world’s largest professional body of
Management Accountants, whilst completing
their degree.
In addition to this, they will accumulate vast
savings of up to 75% on CIMA exemption fees
and free invitations to networking events. Joining
the CIMA Undergraduate Club also provide
undergraduates exclusive access to valuable
information, opportunities and tools that are
housed in the members-only web portal.
How to join:
Simply send the underlisted details to info@
First 100 undergraduate to send their details will
be registered free and they automatically
become CIMA Student members and members of
the Undergraduate Club:
1. Name (Surname, middle name and first):
2. Gender (Male or Female):
3. University:
4. Faculty & Department:
5. Course of Study:
6. Date of Birth (date/month/year format):
7. Mobile phone number:
8. Email address:
9. Address (City and State)
For more information send SMS to 07033363053​
(sms only) or email – info@klagos.com

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