Apply For DAAD Post- Graduate Scholarships (Worth €750/Mon M.Sc, €1,000/Mo P.hD)

are on for the
offer foreign graduates from development and
newly industrialized countries Like Nigeria, from
all disciplines and with at least two years’
professional experience the chance to take a
postgraduate or Master’s degree at a state or
state-recognized German university, and in
exceptional cases to take a doctoral degree, and
to obtain a university qualification (Master’s/
PhD) in Germany.
Postgraduate Courses Categories
Economic Sciences/Business Administration/
Political Economics
Development Co-operation
Engineering and Related Sciences
Regional Planning
Agriculture and Forest Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Medicine and Public Health
Veterinary Medicine
Social Sciences and Education
Media Studies
Full list of sub-programs within each category
– This is open to graduates with at least two
years professional experience.
– The candidates have the professional and
academic qualifications necessary to ensure
successful completion of the degree programme
in Germany (final scores on previous academic
examinations, language skills).
– Women and candidates from disadvantaged
groups who meet the required academic and
professional standards and show proven
commitment to development-related issues are
especially targeted for programme admission.
Funding/ Support/ Value
– DAAD provides 12 to 36 months (dependent on
study programme).
– Depending on academic level, monthly
payments of 750 euros Aprox. N236,110 for
graduates or 1,000 euros Approx. N314,926 for
doctoral candidates.
– Payments towards health, accident and
personal liability insurance cover.
– Travel allowance, unless these expenses are
covered by the home country or another source
of funding.
*Deadlines may vary with each university. See
full list of application deadlines for each
university and program.
How to Apply
Required documents (in the following order):
– Fully Completed DAAD application form
– Hand-signed CV (please use the europass
specimen form at http:// )
– Hand-signed letter of motivation (with reference
to current occupation).
– Research exposé (if required by university).
– Academic letter/s of recommendation from
your university; the letter must have a signature
and office stamp and must be of recent date
(not in a sealed envelope)/
– Professional letter/s of recommendation from
your employer; the letter must have a signature
and office stamp and must be of recent date
(not in a sealed envelope).
– Confirmation of employment from the employer
in your home country and if possible, a guarantee
of re-employment upon your return home
Proof of language abilities
– Proof of English – IELTS or TOEFL (Note:
Institutional TOEFL will not be accepted)
– German – necessary for the courses taught in
German; for the courses taught in English, if
– Copies of awarded academic degrees
– Copies of academic transcripts
– Copy of School Leaving Certificate.
Deadline: September 30, 2016.
Application address: Apply directly to the chosen
study programme
For more information, visit DAAD Post Graduate

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