How to Apply for Scholarship Fund for Young African Scholars 2016

Scholarship Fund for Young African Scholars to
attend the Biennial Conference ILA,
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Made possible by the Alumni Fund of Tilburg
University School of Law, the Netherlands’
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The North-West
University, Potchefstroom Campus, South Africa,
and family, friends and colleagues of Professor
Willem van Genugten.
DEADLINE 20 June 2016 – DEADLINE 20 June
2016 – DEADLINE 20 June 2016
Participation of Young African Scholars at the
Biennial Conference ILA, Johannesburg, 7-11
August 2016
AIM : Professor van Genugten has established a
Scholarship Fund to assist graduate &
postgraduate students and early career
professionals in Africa to attend the ILA2016
Biennial Conference in Johannesburg. The aim of
the scholarship is to allow young African
scholars to participate in the conference, to take
part in the debate, and meet colleagues, in order
to inspire them to continue working in the
domain of international law. Meeting colleagues
and receiving inspiration is important to become
or remain active in the field and to keep working
on topics that require so much effort and a
nuanced understanding of ‘legal issues in a
societal context.
The candidate must:
be enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate
course on international law or be an early
career professional in international law in an
African country (first five years);
show a strong interest in international law
(which can be demonstrated by, for example,
a law school major, classes, papers and extra-
curricular activities);
explain how participation in the conference
would benefit his/her research or career in
international law;
establish that he/she does not have access to
other sources of funding, for instance from
his/her home institution;
AWARD: Full Scholarships cover the registration
fees; accommodation as selected by the host
branch, reasonable travel costs and a per diem
allowance depending on the cost of living in the
host country, as agreed to in advance by and to
the discretion of the Selection Committee. The
Selection Committee may also decide to award a
Partial Scholarship.
APPLICATIONS: Applications for scholarships for
the ILA2016 Biennial Conference in
Johannesburg (7-11 August 2016) must be
received by 20 June 2016. Applicants should
download and complete the application form.
This should be sent with all accompanying
documents, as mentioned on the application
form, to: ILAscholarshipfund@ .
The Selection Committee will announce their
decisions by 30 June 2016 and successful
applicants will be informed immediately. The
Selection Committee aims to award scholarships
for participation in the ILA 2016 biennial
conference to the value of €10.000 .
For further information on ILA Scholarship click on
the below links
Scholarship Fund Objectives click below
For applications Form click here

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