Clutton-Brock Scholarships for Zimbabwe Students, 2018

Board of Graduate Studies (for admission to the University) and the Cambridge Trusts is funding postgraduate and PhD scholarship at Clutton-Brock Scholarships for Zimbabwe Students in University of Cambridge in UK. Citizens of Zimbabwe are eligible for this postgraduate scholarship.

Brief Description:

The object of this scholarship scheme is to establish scholarships at postgraduate level in the University of Cambridge for the benefit of students from Zimbabwe as a permanent memorial to the late Guy Clutton Brock, Hero of Zimbabwe and graduate of Magdalene College.

Education in Zimbabawe

Zimbabwe considers human capital investment via education a major tool for sustainable development. Education is recognized as a fundamental human right and necessary for the development of the people in society.

  1. Access for all, including providing adequate infrastructure, opportunity for non-formal education, early identification of children at risk of not entering the system, dropping out or falling behind, and strategies to support those unable to meet education fees.
  2. Quality and relevant learning with the introduction of a competency-based curriculum that includes ICT, STEAM/STEM, education for sustainable development and life skills.
  3. Focus on learners by building, developing, monitoring and upgrading the professional skills of teachers already in the profession and by developing a responsive pre-service curricula.
  4. Strong leadership, management and monitoring providing efficient and effective service delivery within an institution that has the right structural framework.

Responding to these pillars, five core programs have been identified:

  • Introduction, monitoring and adjustment of new curricula at all levels
  • Enhancing infrastructure to meet population growth needs, and ensure learning environments are inclusive and age appropriate
  • Introduction of a teacher quality improvement program, to build professional skills and competencies, and formalize professional standards
  • Establishing a capacity development program, in order to manage institutional change for a modern and progressive education system
  • Development of a Center for education research, innovation and development, and building the country’s capacity to provide and analyze data that will inform its policies.
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In order to monitor implementation of the ESSP, Zimbabwe has identified performance indicators for outputs, outcomes and processes, which will be disaggregated by gender, location, and socio-economic status and reviewed during annual reviews.

Level/Field of study:

This scholarship is for pursuing leading to a postgraduate qualification (usually the MPhil degree) and a three-year course of research, leading to the PhD degree at University of Cambridge in UK.

Host Nationality:

The scholarship is hosted by the University of Cambridge in UK.

Eligible Nationality:

Scholarships is open for citizens of Zimbabwe at University of Cambridge in UK.

Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship provides:

  • the University composition fee (home rate: PhD; overseas rate: MPhil);
  • a maintenance allowance for a single student; and
  • a contribution to a return economy airfare.

Scholarship Number:

The scholarship has two opportunities available.


The Scholarships are open to citizens of Zimbabwe, who already have, or expect to obtain before 1 October of the year they take up the award, a first class or high second class degree or its equivalent from a recognised University.

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Candidates will normally be under the age of 35 and resident in Zimbabwe.

Candidates should be offered admission to Magdalene College.

Preference will be given to students wishing to study subjects relevant to the development of Zimbabwe.

Application Procedure:

The scheme is administered on behalf of the University of Cambridge and Magdalene College by the Board of Graduate Studies (for admission to the University) and the Cambridge Trusts (for funding).

Further information and application materials are available in the University’s Graduate Studies Prospectus.

Applicants for admission to the University must complete and return a GRADSAF Application Form to the Board of Graduate Studies.

You can begin the application and get more details by clicking the Scholarship Link

Application Deadline:

Currently, this scholarship is unavailable but we shall keep you posted on the new date

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