Qingdao Government Scholarships for International Students in CUP, China, 2018

The China University of Petroleum is accepting applications for Qingdao Government Scholarships. These scholarships are open to new students for pursuing long-term non-degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree programme. The candidate should have a very good command of English language. Therefore, the application should be written in English.

What do i need to know about China University of Petroleum

The China University of Petroleum is a university in China. It consists of China University of Petroleum(which located in Qingdao ) and branch school called China University of Petroleum (Beijing), located in Beijing. Both are regarded as the best universities in the field of petroleum related subjects in China. It is placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. It is a Chinese Ministry of Education Double First Class Discipline University, with Double First Class status in certain disciplines

The university, founded in 1953, was known then as Beijing Petroleum Institute. It moved to Dongying, Shandong Province in 1969, with name changed to Huadong Petroleum Institute. In 1988, it was renamed The University of Petroleum consisting of one part in Dongying as the college and one in Beijing as the graduate school. Each gradually developed into universities with both undergraduate and graduate students.

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China University of Petroleum specializes in upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum science and engineering, in the overall level of domestic lead. Its five national key specialties are:

  • Chemical Engineering and Technology
  • Mineral Resources Prospecting and Exploration
  • Oil and Gas Well Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering
Level/Field of study:

Scholarships are available for pursuing long-term non-degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree programme to study the subjects offered by the university.

Host Nationality:

The scholarship is hosted by the University of Petroleum, China.

Eligible Nationality:

Scholarship is open to international students who are non-Chinese citizens

Scholarship Benefits:

These opportunities has value that includes;

  • Long-term Non-degree Students: A partial waiver: RMB 10000 in total.
    Bachelor’s Degree Students: A partial tuition waiver: RMB 20000 in total, first-year partial tuition waiver: RMB 10000, when passing the annual review, students will have a second-year partial tuition waiver: RMB 10000 and students can apply for current student scholarships.
    Master’s Degree Students & Doctoral Degree Students: Living allowance: RMB 30000 in total, three-year living allowance: RMB 10000 per year (RMB 1000/month for 10 months every year) and students can apply university scholarships in the meantime.
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Scholarship Number:

The number of offers was not specified.


The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Entrance Requirements:
    Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health.
    Applicants do not have any Chinese government scholarship.
    Language proficiency requirement
    Long-term non-degree studies should be two academic semesters at least.
  • English Language Requirements:
    Bachelor’s Degree Students: Chinese-instructed applicants must provide HSK-4; English-instructed applicants must provide TOEFL (iBT) 60 or above/IELTS 5.0 or above/English as the instruction language certificate during previous studies.
    Master’s/Doctoral Degree Students: Chinese-instructed applicants must provide HSK-4; English-instructed applicants must provide TOEFL (iBT) 80 or above/IELTS 6.0 or above/English as the instruction language certificate during previous studies

Application Procedure:

  • Submit your online application: Register at our International Student Online Application System, fill in online application information, upload application documents and submit it.
  • Announce admission results: Admissions Office will announce the admission and scholarship results within 2 weeks after receiving online applications.
  • Deliver admission documents: Admissions Office will deliver the admission documents within 2 weeks after the admission and scholarship result announcement. Please provide a post address and contact information to the Admissions Office in prior.
  • Make a room reservation and deposit payment: Admissions Office will inform scholarship winners of the room reservation and its deposit payment of RMB1000.00. The winners must pay their room deposits to the accommodation reception in due time in order to finalize their admission and scholarship. The accommodation reception will refund the room deposit on checkout. The room deposit will not be refunded if the winners do not register for enrollment and scholarship for any reasons.
  • Registration in due time: Scholarship winners should register at our university in due time. Otherwise, the winners will be considered giving up the admission and scholarship.
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You can begin the application by clicking on Online Application and get more details by clicking the Scholarship Link

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