NYSC Questions an Answers For Registration, Posting, Redeployment 2022

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program set up by the Nigerian government during the military regime to involve Nigerian graduates in nation building and the development of the country. There is no military conscription in Nigeria, but since 1973 graduates of universities and later polytechnics have been required to take part in the National Youth Service Corps program for one year. This is known as national service year. Ahmadu Ali served as the first Director-General of the NYSC until 1975. The incumbent Director-General is Shuaibu Ibrahim.


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1). QUESTION: Is it compulsory to open a new bank account in NYSC camp?

ANSWER: Yes it is compulsory to open a new bank account when you’re in camp.

2). QUESTION: I have a bank account before, do I still need to open another new bank account at the Orientation Camp?

ANSWER: Yes, it is compulsory. Every corp Members is obligated to open a new bank account during camp registration.

3). QUESTION: What type of account is it, is it different from the normal day to day bank account?

ANSWER: It is the usual “savings account”, and not different from the normal day to day “savings” bank account.

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4). QUESTION: Where are we to go in order to open the NYSC bank account, are we allowed to go to places outside the Orientation Camp to open it?

ANSWER: No, you won’t be allowed to go outside the camp gate. Staff from different banks will be available in camp to help you facilitate the process.

5). QUESTION: Is it possible to open the new account before going to camp?

ANSWER: No it is not possible. Opening NYSC allowance account is one among the stages you undergo during camp registration. NYSC must clear you before you will open the account. In fact, it’s your camp clearance documents you would use to open the account.

6). QUESTION: You said different banks’ agents would be available in camp to help us open the account, which of the banks should I go for?

ANSWER: NYSC will allocate banks according to your state code. So go to the bank you’ve been assigned to.

7). QUESTION: Must the name I used for BVN match with the one I am using for NYSC?

ANSWER: Yes, name match is very important. Should in case you have issues with your BVN, I would suggest you go for your existing bank account in order to avoid further problems. You must have your BVN ready.

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8). QUESTION: What are the documents required for opening NYSC allowance account?

ANSWER: The documents which will be required of you are: Your Passport photograph, BVN and NYSC clearance paper which you will get after you have completed the necessary camp registrations. Your full name would be written bold altogether in all your documents. So, if the names in your documents do not match with the one you have on BVN, it becomes an enormous problem.

9). QUESTION: What if I do not have bank account or BVN?

ANSWER: You should go and get one now; if you are really serious about NYSC. Because having NO BVN is an automatic disqualification.

10). QUESTION: Then what should I do if the name on my BVN doesn’t match with the one in my Documents?

ANSWER: Then quickly go to the bank that registered your BVN, ask them to update or change your BVN name so that it can match with the one on your NYSC documents. Do this before you attend the orientation camp.

11). QUESTION: What if I don’t need NYSC allowance, is it compulsory to receive it?

ANSWER: Yes, NYSC allowance is compulsory to receive. If you didn’t receive it, you probably may not pass out of the programme. Receiving NYSC allowance is a prove that you are serving; To receive it involve lot of clearance which prove you’re indeed serving. If for any reason you don’t need the cash, collect it and give it to someone who is in serious need. You should have friends who need financial assistance.

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12). QUESTION: Can I use my NYSC account to receive money from family and friends?

ANSWER: Yes, you can even use it to do business transactions or international transaction.

13). QUESTION: What if the Federal Government mistakenly pay me double allowance?

ANSWER: Better return it to the NYSC state secretariat, during your final clearance they will request for Bank statement of account from day one. The rationale behind it is to catch those that are being paid double.

14). QUESTION: What will happen to my NYSC allowance account after my one year service?

ANSWER: NYSC will stop paying your monthly allowance. But you will continue using the account for other transactions.

I hope we have answered most of your questions with regards this issue, if you have any other problems relating to NYSC posting or Redeployment send a whatapp message to 08175052585


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