8 Cheapest Universities in Poland for International Students

This article is about cheapest universities in Poland. Poland, which borders both Russia and Germany to the east and west, serves as a link between Western and Eastern Europe. Due to its location, it is a key player in global trade and relations. This has aided Poland in growing its economy and elevating its standard of life to that of one of the richest in the EU.

Poland is cheaper than other nations in Western Europe and has a prime location in Central Europe, making it a popular choice for many international students. It also has a huge geography with beaches in the north and mountains in the south, as well as a highly developed educational system. We will talk about the cheapest universities in Poland in this article.

What Are the Requirements for Studying in Poland?

In Poland, there are only two fundamental prerequisites for enrollment. The applicant must hold a high school diploma and be able to demonstrate that they are fluent in the language they wish to learn. In addition to Polish, courses are offered in German, English, and French. For instance, you could be required to pass the DEFL exam for French.

Depending on what you want to study, additional exams can be required if your high school diploma doesn’t demonstrate that you possess the required abilities or knowledge regarding a certain subject.

Can You Study in Poland in English?

Yes. Even though Polish is the primary language of instruction, English is also offered in a small number of programs at almost all Polish universities. For instance, the University of Warsaw has around 20 English programs, and Adam Mickiewicz University, among other institutions, provides an English-taught bachelor’s degree in international relations. You must first pass the IELTS or TOEFL exam to be eligible for these or some of the other English-taught programs.

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Cheapest Universities in Poland

1. University of Wroclaw

This is the first on our list of cheapest universities in Poland. The University of Wroclaw is one of the biggest universities in Central Europe with more than 25,000 students and a three-century history. Additionally, it is a premier research facility, producing hundreds of brand-new scientific articles each year. There are 10 faculties in total at the university, and they provide numerous bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in both English and Polish. For foreign students, the most affordable university in Poland is the University of Wroclaw.

The University of Wroclaw works closely with other universities in the area and throughout the globe and takes part in numerous international learning initiatives including Erasmus, ISEP, and others. This attracts a big number of international students who spend one or two semesters at the university. Many of them later return to complete their undergraduate degrees or to enroll in master’s programs there.

2. AGH University of Science and Technology

This is the second on our list of cheapest universities in Poland. Another inexpensive university in Poland is the AGH University of Science and Technology, a technical institution with its headquarters in Krakow and founded in 1919. It is one of Poland’s top universities of its sort. With plans to add one more in the near future, it now has 15 faculties that cover a variety of topics in the subject, from traditional to cutting-edge ones.

The institution offers a section specifically for its many international students, who enroll there in great numbers because of its low cost and high standard of instruction. The majority of foreign students enroll in the institution through an exchange program, but there are also many more who are enrolled full-time.

3. Academy of Finance and Management in Bialystok

A private, reasonably priced school called the Academy of Finance and Management is located in Bialystok, 200 kilometers east of Warsaw. The college offers a variety of economics and management-related courses that can be used to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree that is recognized by the government. Despite being relatively new, the Academy is steadily growing in popularity among both domestic and foreign students because of its open admissions policy and reasonable costs for all applicants. Students can take advantage of the Academy’s superb sporting facilities, libraries, and administrative services in addition to its top-notch instruction.

4. Adam Mickiewicz University

The Adam Mickiewicz University comes next in this list of affordable universities in Poland. It is also among the most prestigious and established universities in Poland and the surrounding area. It has its headquarters in Poznan, Poland’s fifth-most populous city, and is one of the top research centers in the nation. It is divided across five research schools, which collectively include twenty faculties, and a doctorate school.

With 40,000 students, it is also one of the biggest in Poland and draws many foreign students, who can choose to study in German, English, or Polish.

5. Warsaw University of Technology

With more than 35,000 full-time students, WUT is not only one of the top technological institutions in Poland but also one of the biggest in the area. One of its faculties is at Plock, while 18 of its 19 are located in Warsaw. Nearly every area of study related to science and technology is covered by the faculties.

While WUT is known for producing the greatest number of Polish managers and executives, it is also renowned for its success with foreign students, who can benefit from studying at one of the best technology universities in Central Europe for just a fraction of the price of comparable institutions in other nations.

6. University of Gdansk

The University of Gdansk is a very significant public research university in Poland and is among the top 5 institutions despite being fairly affordable. It provides courses in practically all subject areas in modern, cutting-edge buildings in Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia. In addition to teaching theory, the university is committed to giving its students real-world experience through partnerships with numerous businesses and organizations in Poland and around the globe.

This low-cost university in Poland is seeing an increase in the number of international students each year, the majority of whom come through bilateral agreements or student exchange programs. Foreign students can enroll in the university’s several language programs, including Polish, to learn the local tongue.

7. University of Warsaw

With more than 50,000 students, the University of Warsaw is the biggest in Poland. No matter what their intended field of study is, international students can move to one of the most affordable capitals in the EU thanks to this university’s location in the nation’s capital, which offers more than 37 areas of study across its 18 faculties. International students, who make up 8% of the university’s 50,000 total students, can participate in online workshops to research career options prior to enrolling in the institution.

8. Jagiellonian University

Jagellonian University is the last institution on our list of cheapest universities in Poland for foreign students. It is a research university with its headquarters in Krakow, Poland’s third-largest city. The oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest still operating institutions in the world is this institution, which was founded in 1364. It has developed over time into a cutting-edge educational facility with 15 faculties. One of Poland’s largest libraries, which houses some fascinating medieval manuscripts, belongs to the institution.

The university’s International Students Office can answer questions about educational opportunities and offers courses in German, English, or Polish for international students.

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