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Read the following passage and answer the seven questions that follow.

In the United States, where we have more land than people, it is not at all difficult for persons in good health to make money.

In this comparatively new field there are so many avenues of success open, so many vocations which are not crowded, that any person of either sex who is willing, at least for the time being, to engage in any respectable occupation that offers, may find lucrative employment.

Those who really desire to attain an independence, have only to set their minds upon it, and adopt the proper means, as they do in regard to any other object which they wish to accomplish, and the thing is easily done.

But however easy it may be found to make money, I have no doubt many of my hearers will agree it is the most difficult thing in the world to keep it.

The road to wealth is, as Dr. Franklin truly says, “as plain as the road to the mill.” It consists simply in expending less than we earn; that seems to be a very simple problem. Mr. Micawber, one of those happy creations of the genial Dickens, puts the case in a strong light when he says that to have annual income of twenty pounds per annum, and spend twenty pounds and sixpence, is to be the most miserable of men; whereas, to have an income of only twenty pounds, and spend but nineteen pounds and sixpence is to be the happiest of mortals.

Many of my readers may say, “we understand this: this is economy, and we know economy is wealth; we know we can’t eat our cake and keep it also.”

Yet I beg to say that perhaps more cases of failure arise from mistakes on this point than almost any other. The fact is, many people think they understand economy when they really do not.

Which of the following statements best expresses the main idea of the passage?

(A) Getting a job is easier now than it ever has been before.
(B) Earning money is much less difficult than managing it properly.
(C) Dr. Franklin advocated getting a job in a mill.
(D) Spending money is the greatest temptation in the world.
(E) There is no way to predict changes in the economy.

1 out of 6

This passage is most likely taken from a(n) _____.
(A) self-help manual
(B) autobiography
(C) epistle
(D) novel
(E) brochur

2 out of 6

According to the author, what is more difficult than making money? (A) getting a job
(B) traveling to a mill
(C) reading Dickens
(D) understanding the economy
(E) managing money

3 out of 6

Which word best describes the author’s attitude towards those who believe they understand money?
(A) supportive
(B) incriminating
(C) excessive
(D) patronizing
(E) incendiary

4 out of 6

What is the best definition of economy as it is used in this passage? (A) exchange of money, goods, and services
(B) delegation of household affairs
(C) efficient money managemen
(D) less expensive
(E) luxurious accommodations

5 out of 6

What would this author’s attitude likely be to a person unable to find employment? (A) descriptive
(B) conciliatory
(C) ingenuous
(D) incredulous
(E) exculpatory

6 out of 6

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