Universities in Estonia with Cheap Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

When you make the choice to study in Estonia, you should use the chance to explore the country as well as its Baltic and Nordic neighbors. The clean environment comes with an extra bonus: natural and organic foods are Estonia’s priority. Cost of living,tuition fees and admission requirement for international students.

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland across from Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea across from Sweden, to the south by Latvia, and to the east by Lake Pei-pus and Russia. Estonia is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy that was among the fastest-growing in the EU since its entry in 2004. After centuries of successive rule by Germans, Danes, Swedes, Poles and Russians, a distinct Estonian national identity began to emerge in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Cost of Living in Estonia

Cost of living in Estonia is usually dependent upon the student’s accommodation choices, lifestyle, and spending styles. It is an affordable and less expensive place to live in. Tallinn is one of the most exciting cities that you can relocate at the moment. The country itself offers an excellent place for start-ups, with huge companies such as Skype and Transfer-Wise backing this fact. Our study abroad service is guaranteed!

At the same time, the costs are pretty low compared with other traditional higher education countries. This offers greater flexibility and with the lower costs of tuition fees, you can enjoy a social life and high living standards as a student in Estonia. Estonia is one of the few European countries who offer the privilege of studying for free, provided that the programmed is taught in Estonian.

Tuition Fees in Estonia

Estonia tuition fees vary from 1660 EUR to 7500 EUR per year for Bachelor and Master programs depend on your chosen institution, the level of your studies, and your preferred programmed, as some Estonian higher education institutions have separate fees for students from the European Union and those from outside the EU.

For Bachelor and Master Studies

  • Estonia joins Finland, Norway and Germany as one of the few European countries which offers the privilege of studying for free in their universities.
  • However, these tuition-free programmes are taught in Estonian only.
  • Generally, programmes taught in English cost around EUR 1660 – EUR 7500 per year
  • Medicine programmes are the priciest, charging EUR 11 000 per year.
  • Business, Law and Social science degrees are also considered as the most expensive to pursue in Estonia.


  • Doctoral programmes in Estonia are tuition-free.
  • PhD students can take advantage of a doctoral allowance amounting to EUR 383.47 per month.

Admission Requirement in Estonia

Now, you have to pay attention and be very careful when choosing your course and institution in Estonia the requirement are;

  • High school living certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport photograph
  • International ID card
  • Language proficiency test result English
  • Medical checkup

Admission Deadline

Note that early application is highly encourage as it will give u appropriate time to finalize your admission processes. The admission period will begin January 4, 2021.

Things you don’t know about Estonia

They consist mostly of females, they are good at Olympic and swinging, there is space and lot of island, it has a tragic history and getting around is free of charge. They love singing and skyping is fun to be in Estonia.

List of Cheap Universities in Estonia

  • Concordia International University Estonia
  • Estonian Academy of Arts
  • Estonian Academy of Music
  • Estonian Agricultural University
  • Estonian Business School
  • Estonian Public Service Academy
  • International University Estonia
  • Tallinn Institute of Technology
  • Tallinn University
  • Tartu Medical School
  • University Nord
  • Concordia International University Estonia
  • Tallinn University of Technology



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