Universities in Turkey with Cheap Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

If you are interested in studying in Turkey and you want to know the available Low Tuition Universities in Turkey for international students, this article is just for you, cost of living, tuition fees and low universities in Turkey.

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country located mainly on the Anatolian Peninsula in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Turkey is a developing country, a regional power, and a newly industrialized country, with a geopolitical strategic location.
One of the world’s earliest permanently settled regions, present-day Turkey was home to important Neolithic sites, and was inhabited by various civilizations.


Cost of Living in Turkey

Cost of living in Turkey is very affordable and not quite expensive for international students to live in depending on their lifestyle of spending. An average international student in Turkey requires around 300-400 Euros per month. The money is mainly spent on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transportation and other utilities.

There is no doubt that Turkey is the ideal spot to appreciate quality education and a moderately decent personal satisfaction. These days Turkey is offering scholarships to international students and it is a good chance for youngsters to study in Turkey.

Tuition Fees in Turkey

Public university in Turkey are more affordable than in private universities, international students usually pay up to 100 to 400 EUR per term depending on your choice of programmed and universities. This fee is only refundable if the applicant withdraws their accepted/approved application due to a waiting list interval of more than two academic years.


Admission Requirement

Turkey offers international students the opportunity to further their education and obtain a well-recognized Bachelor Master and P.h.D degrees from a wide variety of fields of study. To do this, students have to provide a number of application documents.

High school leaving certificate
birth certificate
Passport photo
Bachelor’s diploma
Proof of application fee payment 35-100 USD
English proficiency

Admission Deadline for Turkey

Students applying for admission in Turkey are advised to apply on time. Visit the school website to learn more.

List of Cheap Tuition Universities in Turkey
Ege University
Kadir Has University
Izmir Institute of Technology
Middle East Technical University
Uskudar University
Cankaya University
Yasar University
Bogazici University
Sabanci University